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For all General Enquiries email:

Opportunities exist for financial members to hold positions on the Club’s Executive Committee as “Elected” or “Nominated” representatives.

Some committee members may be contacted as indicated in the table below or phone 0402 900 503.

Further contact details are provided in the monthly magazine.

Annual General Meetings are held in August of each year at the time of the scheduled monthly meeting.

All Committee positions spill except for either the President or Secretary. These positions are two year tenure in an attempt to guarantee some degree of continuity from one year to the next.

The Club year is from 1st July to 30th June.

The Elected Executive Committee

Ben Bowes

Andrew Foreman

Social Secretary

Paul Redman

Publicity Officer
Peter Cooper

General Committee Members
Peter Cooper
Barrie Nelson
Tim Lilly / Les Farrant

Hugh Thomas

Pam Nelson / Barrie Nelson

Competition Secretary

Membership Officer
Deane Grosser

Regalia Officer
Bruce Morison

The Nominated Positions

CMC Representative
Tim Lilly

Concessional Licence Registrar
Murray Motroni

Web Master
Murray Motroni

Trophy Officer
Ellen Wells

Proposed Auditors
Malcolm Miller

Concessional Licence Scrutineer
Barrie Nelson

*Technical Advisors
Barrie Nelson
Peter Cooper
Andrew Foreman


Catering Officers
Tim Lilly / Helen Lilly

*The Technical Advisors

These are people that through experience and/or training are able to offer practical assistance to members on matters of vehicle authenticity and originality, repair, maintenance, and even complete restoration.

Contact these members for advice on any technical aspect of owning a Triumph car. 

If they can’t help you, nobody can!