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222bookAdvertising Triumph Saloon Cars 1947 – 1982Yesteryear Books
221bookAdvertising Triumph Sports Cars 1947 – 1981Yesteryear Books
522bookBy God By Fergie
147bookCar Fix It – Car Repairs Made Easy
127bookComplete Engine Modifications 2 litre Mark I models – SAH
217bookGT6 BriefingPractical Classics
146bookHow to Improve Triumph TR5, 250 & 6Roger Williams
523bookHow to Restore TR7 – TR8
140bookMotor Vehicle Engines Pt 2WA Education Dept
302bookOn Classic TrimPractical Classis & Car RestorerKelsey Publications
203bookOriginal Triumph TR – The Restorer’s GuideBill Piggott
537bookPerelli World Rallying 13
531bookPractical Classics & Car Restorer on Triumph Herald/Vitesse
301bookRallying Guide to NavigationHelen Wylie
138bookRepair Operation Times – St.2000,2.5PI,Tol,Dol,Dol Spr,Spit 1500British Leyland
135bookRestoring a Vitesse (photocopy in binder)British Leyland
206bookRoad & Track on Triumph Sports Cars ’53-67Brooklands
205bookRoad & Track on Triumph Sports Cars ’67-74Brooklands
224bookRoad & Track on Triumph Sports Cars ’74-’82Brooklands
139bookSmall EnginesWA Education Dept
209bookSpitfire RestorationPractical ClassicsBrooklands
106bookStandard Vanguard Instruction BookStandard Motor Co
154bookStandard Vanguard Instruction BookStandard Motor Co
214bookThe Book of The Triumph Herald, Spitfire and VitesseStaton AbbeyPitman Library
219bookThe Complete Guide to the Herald and VitesseMike CostiganBay View Books
520bookThe Essential Buyers Guide – Triumph TR6
536bookThe Petrol Fuel Injection Book for Automobiles 4th Edition 1980
237bookThe Pitman’s Motorist Library – The Book of the Standard NineJohn Speedwell
202bookThe Triumph TR’sGraham Robson
223bookTR4a BriefingPractical Classics
518bookTR7 The Untold StoryDavid Knowles
213bookTriumph 1300 & 1300 TCNelson (Sunday Times Series)
212bookTriumph 2000, 2500Brooklands
220bookTriumph 2000, 2500 PI – The Complete StoryGraham Robinson (signed copy)
201bookTriumph By Name – Triumph By NatureBill Piggott
407bookTriumph Car Club of WA (Inc.) – Constitution ( x 4)
123bookTriumph Cars – Repairs & Maintenance 1937-1946Postlethwaite
515bookTriumph Cars Service Guide from 1937 – 1959Postlethwaite
143bookTriumph Cars sold by Faulls Motors 1974-1979NOT TO BE LOANED OUT
230bookTriumph Cars The Complete StoryGraham Robson & R Langworth
216bookTriumph GT6 ’66-74Brooklands
227bookTriumph GT6 Gold PortfolioBrooklands
215bookTriumph Herald & VitessePractical ClassicsBrooklands
234bookTriumph Herald & Vitesse – Herald, 1200, 12/50, 13/60,Vitesse, 2 LtrGraham Robson
232bookTriumph Herald and Vitesse The Complete StoryGraham Robson
144bookTriumph Herald/Vitesse RestorationPractical Classis & Car Restorer
131bookTriumph Repair Operation TimesBritish Leyland
228bookTriumph Roadster Renown and Mayflower
136bookTriumph Service – Facilites available to OwnersBritish Leyland
505bookTriumph Service – Facilites available to OwnersBritish Leyland
130bookTriumph Service Action InstructionBritish Leyland
133bookTriumph Service Information (Newsletter and Technical Bulletins)British Leyland
132bookTriumph Service Information (Vol 1, iss 24)British Leyland
521bookTriumph Sidescreen TR’sGraeme White
128bookTriumph Slant 4 EnginesBritish Leyland
226bookTriumph Spitfire & GT6 – Guide to OriginalityJohn Thomason
238bookTriumph Spitfire 1962-1980R M Clarke
100bookTriumph Spitfire and GT6 – a guide to originalityJohn Thomason
210bookTriumph Spitfire Collection No 1 ’62-82Brooklands
207bookTriumph Spitfire, GT6, Herald and Vitesse (Sports Six)Lindsay Porter& Peter WilliamsHaynes
236bookTriumph Spitfire, GT6, Vitesse & Herald Guide to P’chase & DIY Rest.Lindsay Porter& Peter Williams
527bookTriumph Sports cars – Colour Family Album
229bookTriumph Stag
231bookTriumph StagAndrew Morland
208bookTriumph Stag (Super Profile)James TaylorHaynes
239bookTriumph Stag Gold Portfolio 1970-1977R M ClarkeBrooklands
120bookTriumph Toledo 1970-1972Kenneth BallAutopress
235bookTriumph TRJames Taylor
535bookTriumph TR2& TR5 1952 – 1960
204bookTriumph TR7 & TR8Brooklands
218bookTriumph TR7 BriefingPractical Classis & Car Restorer
211bookTriumph Vitesse & Herald ’59-71Brooklands
534bookTriumph Vitesse & Herald ’59-71
509bookTriumph Vitesse Saloon and Convertibles from 1962P Olyslager
303bookUltimate Auto DetailingDavid Jacobs Jnr.
129catalogueStag Mk I & Mk II (1970-78) Parts and Accessories CatalogueRimmer Bros
105catalogueTR2 & TR3 Spare Parts CatalogueStanport
514catalogueTriumph 2000,2.5 PI Mk II Parts Catalogue
513catalogueTriumph Dolomite Sprint Parts Catalogue
512catalogueTriumph Herald 948cc Saloon Coupe Parts Catalogue
145cataloqueHerald Parts ListStandard Triumph Sales Ltd
411cd1Triumph History – A Collection of Old Photos and Articles
412cd2Triumph History – A Collection of Old Photos and Articles
99dvd100 years of Motoring History
97dvdATSD 2006
94dvdBefore Brock there was Beechey
98dvdClassic Adelaide 2004 Highlights
519dvdCode Name Bullet: The Story of the Triumph TR7 & TR8
95dvdRoad Racers and V four Victory
93dvdThe Racing Geohbagans
525dvdTriumph TR6 & Triumph 2.5ltr Engine
526dvdTR6 Repair Operation Manual
502handbookDolomite – Original Handbook ( x 2)
501handbookDolomite Sprint – Original Handbook ( x 4)
504handbookOwner’s Handbook for Standard Cars 1934-1940Standard Motor Co
503handbookStag by Triumph – Original Handbook
529handbookStandard Vanguard 6 Vignale Saloon De Luxe – Owners Handbok
510handbookTriumph 2000 Mk I Handbook
507handbookTriumph 2000 Mk II Handbook
508handbookTriumph 2500 Mk II Handbook
506handbookTriumph Herald Owners HandbookStandard Motor Co
119Manual1300 & 1500 Workshop ManualKenneth BallAutopress
121Manual2000-2500 Workshop ManualBritish Leyland
112ManualComplete TR6 & TR250 1967-1977 Workshop ManualRobert Bentley
152ManualDolomite Owners Workshop Manual 1972-1973Kenneth Ball
109ManualDolomite Repair Manual
100ManualDolomite Sprint Repair ManualBritish Leyland
114ManualGT6 & Vitesse 2 Ltr Workshop ManualKenneth BallAutopress
111ManualHerald Workshop Manual Body & Underframe (loose photocopy)Triumph Service Division
117ManualHerald, Vitesse and Spitfire Workshop Manual (photocopy) binderTriumph Motor Co
309ManualIndustrial Fastener Reference ManualF J Sweetman
142ManualStandard 10 Service ManualStandard Motor Co
126ManualStandard Vanguard Service Instruction ManualStandard Motor Co
533ManualThe Car Bodywork Repair Manual
104ManualTR2 Service Instruction ManualStandard Motor Co
517ManualTR7 Owners Workshop Manual 1975 – 1977Autobooks
148ManualTriumph 1300 & 1500 (&1300 TC) Owners Workshop ManualJ.L.S. Maclay
153ManualTriumph 1500TC, Dolomite 1500 1973-1981 Owners Workshop ManualJ H Haynes & Alec J Jones
157ManualTriumph 2000 & 2.5 PI from 1963 Workshop ManualChris CaffreyIntereurope
134ManualTriumph 2000 and 2.5 PI Workshop ManualBritish Leyland
102ManualTriumph 2000 and 2500 Repair Operations ManualBritish Leyland
124ManualTriumph 2000 Mk II, 2.5 PI Mk II Workshop ManualAutopress
516ManualTriumph Dolomite Repair ManualBritish Leyland
532ManualTriumph Herald All Models 1959 – 1971 Owners Workshop Manual
141ManualTriumph Herald – Owners Repair ManualStandard Triumph Sales Ltd
511a/bManualTriumph Herald Workshop Manual Group 2
524ManualTriumph Herald Workshop Manual Group 4
151ManualTriumph Mk I & Mk II 2000, 2500 & 2.5 1963-1977 Owners W’shop ManualRay M JonesHaymes
156ManualTriumph Spitfire 1500 Repair Operation Manual 1978Leyland Cars Ltd
155ManualTriumph Spitfire Mk I, II, III, IV & 1500 1962-78 Owners W’shop ManualJ H Haynes & J L S Maclay
110ManualTriumph Stag Repair ManualBritish Leyland
116ManualTriumph TR2 Workshop ManualTriumph Service Division
108ManualTriumph TR2-TR3 Service Manual – Scientific Magazines
103ManualTriumph TR4 Workshop ManualTriumph Coventry
528ManualTriumph TR6 PI Workshop Manual Supplement
137ManualTriumph TR7 – Repair operation ManualBritish Leyland
150ManualTruimph Herald Workshop Manual (in six parts)Triumph Service Division
107ManualTuning Manual for Standard/Triumphs 1959-1980G Thomas
115ManualVanguard Mk III Ensign & Sportsman Workshop ManualTriumph Service Division
530ManualWorkshop Manual for the Triumph TR2, TR3 and TR3A 1952 – 1962
401videoAll Triumph Day 1991
404videoClassic Rallying 1960-1962Triumph Motor Co.
406videoTCC Awards Dinner
408videoTriumph Herald, Versatility with Style
414videoTriumph TR3 1958 (3 mins)Stephen Dear