These manuals are available for loan.
Return to the library at the next General Meeting after withdrawal.

Library NumberTitleAuthorPublisher
1191300 & 1500 Workshop ManualKenneth BallAutopress
1212000-2500 Workshop ManualBritish Leyland
112Complete TR6 & TR250 1967-1977 Workshop ManualRobert Bentley
152Dolomite Owners Workshop Manual 1972-1973Kenneth Ball
109Dolomite Repair Manual
100Dolomite Sprint Repair ManualBritish Leyland
114GT6 & Vitesse 2 Ltr Workshop ManualKenneth BallAutopress
111Herald Workshop Manual Body & Underframe (loose photocopy)Triumph Service Division
117Herald, Vitesse and Spitfire Workshop Manual (photocopy) binderTriumph Motor Co
309Industrial Fastener Reference ManualF J Sweetman
142Standard 10 Service ManualStandard Motor Co
126Standard Vanguard Service Instruction ManualStandard Motor Co
104TR2 Service Instruction ManualStandard Motor Co
530TR2, TR3 & TR3A 1952 – 1962 Workshop Manual
517TR7 Owners Workshop Manual 1975 – 1977Autobooks
148Triumph 1300 & 1500 (&1300 TC) Owners Workshop ManualJ.L.S. Maclay
153Triumph 1500TC, Dolomite 1500 1973-1981 Owners Workshop ManualJ H Haynes & Alec J Jones
157Triumph 2000 & 2.5 PI from 1963 Workshop ManualChris CaffreyIntereurope
134Triumph 2000 and 2.5 PI Workshop ManualBritish Leyland
102Triumph 2000 and 2500 Repair Operations ManualBritish Leyland
124Triumph 2000 Mk II, 2.5 PI Mk II Workshop ManualAutopress
516Triumph Dolomite Repair ManualBritish Leyland
141Triumph Herald – Owners Repair ManualStandard Triumph Sales Ltd
532Triumph Herald All Models 1959 – 1971 Owners Workshop Manual
511a/bTriumph Herald Workshop Manual Group 2
524Triumph Herald Workshop Manual Group 4
151Triumph Mk I & Mk II 2000, 2500 & 2.5 1963-1977 Owners W’shop ManualRay M JonesHaymes
156Triumph Spitfire 1500 Repair Operation Manual 1978Leyland Cars Ltd
155Triumph Spitfire Mk I, II, III, IV & 1500 1962-78 Owners W’shop ManualJ H Haynes & J L S Maclay
110Triumph Stag Repair ManualBritish Leyland
116Triumph TR2 Workshop ManualTriumph Service Division
108Triumph TR2-TR3 Service Manual – Scientific Magazines
103Triumph TR4 Workshop ManualTriumph Coventry
526See also: DVD: TR6 Repair Operation Manual
528Triumph TR6 PI Workshop Manual Supplement
137Triumph TR7 – Repair Operation ManualBritish Leyland
150Truimph Herald Workshop Manual (in six parts)Triumph Service Division
107Tuning Manual for Standard/Triumphs 1959-1980G Thomas
115Vanguard Mk III Ensign & Sportsman Workshop ManualTriumph Service Division